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Computer Keylogger Spy Software

Computer Keylogger Spy Software Invisible keylogger utility tracks browsed web pages and send or composed emails logger program is a system monitoring application that captures Windows screenshots at regular time interval. Hidden keylogger utility is password protected application that helps to restrict unauthorized user to change log files or software setting. Invisible keylogger software provides option to send log files at specified email address. Hidden keylogger application provides option to set hot key and run command to access the application if running

LogSharp 1.0.0: Unique Log Viewer with real time, filtering, multiple pages and session support.
LogSharp 1.0.0

LogSharp: - Message filtlering by any combination of message fields. - Multiple log pages support – view any available log page. - Sessions support - Every time your application is started, the logs are directed to a new (session) folder. - Cyclic (rolling) logging by file size and log files count. - Configure favorite applications (log sources) for quick access. - Great logging and viewing perfomance. LogSharp currently supports .NET applications

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Corner Bowl Log Manager Network-Wide Log Management, Monitoring, Consolidation and Reporting
Corner Bowl Log Manager

Corner Bowl Log Manager is a network-wide Event Log, syslog and application log management tool that enables Systems Administrators to automate log monitoring, consolidation and archiving requirements set forth by management and regulatory agencies. Monitor logs in real-time or schedule reports. Includes Security Event Log reports to aid in auditing requirements. Consolidate logs to SQL Server or MySQL. Supports regular expression filters.

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Advance Keyboard Monitor Secret keystrokes capture software records keyboard actions in stealth mode
Advance Keyboard Monitor

log file. Freeware keyboard activity monitoring program works in stealth mode and does not detected by any antivirus and other anti spy tool. Advance keylogger application facilitates to send screenshot at regular interval. Secure keystroke activity surveillance application is useful for watching your children and employees computer activities. Keylogger application runs easily under the environment of windows 98, NT, ME, 2000, XP (home, professional

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XpoLog Center 5.0: Search engine and analysis platform for log data, search across logs and servers
XpoLog Center 5.0

application problems and errors will be presented dynamically in context of user search, harnessing human intellect and machine analysis. Automated value help to accelerate troubleshooting, visualize data and reduce the manual work required in analyzing and search log data. XpoLog Log Analysis Platform main features include: Log collection Log files analysis Log viewer Log management Log parser Log format Indexing and search engine for logs Log monitor

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Text Log Monitor Monitor, alert, archive, view, and filter large text log files
Text Log Monitor

log files are read and filtered line by line. Many applications create log files using a random or a date driven naming mechanism. Text Log Monitor enables you to monitor files within a directory that match user defined file name masks such as *.txt and *.log. When a new file is detected, Text Log Monitor automatically starts monitoring the file contents. Text Log Monitor’s powerful filtering searches through text logs allowing you to pin point

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XpoLog Center for Security 3.7: Log Manageme and Analysis Platform with Monitor, Compliance Reports, Collection
XpoLog Center for Security 3.7

Log helps Customers Application teams to fix problems faster - Quickly navigate and search applications logs Operation teams to monitor and track end user problems - Auto collects and analyzes end user logs and systems errors. Security Teams to investigate logs, track users and more - Search IP, User ID and other forensics data XpoLog helps because it Accelerate Problem Isolation and Resolution Optimize troubleshooting process Increases Applications

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